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Victorian Splendor, Recreating America’s 19th Century Interiors


“There was a rhyme and reason to all the elements of the Victorian interior. An outward expression of the Victorian inner self, each and every detail of the room was intended to convey a message and reveal the values of the inhabitants.

One might even say that the 19th century parlor served as a 'resume' of sorts, proclaiming with each bibelot its owner’s status, cultural aspirations, family ties and level of taste. Family portraits attested to ancestry; shells and bits of driftwood propped up in an étagère betrayed both an appreciation for nature and finances permitting summers at the shore; a fan and peacock resting casually on the mantel informed visitors of at least a nodding acquaintance with the new fad of Aestheticism; while crimson draperies looped up with thick, gold tassels left no doubt that behind it all was a bank account to be reckoned with."