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Victorian Splendor, Recreating America’s 19th Century Interiors


“There was a rhyme and reason to all the elements of the Victorian interior. An outward expression of the Victorian inner self, each and every detail of the room was intended to convey a message and reveal the values of the inhabitants.

One might even say that the 19th century parlor served as a 'resume' of sorts, proclaiming with each bibelot its owner’s status, cultural aspirations, family ties and level of taste. Family portraits attested to ancestry; shells and bits of driftwood propped up in an étagère betrayed both an appreciation for nature and finances permitting summers at the shore; a fan and peacock resting casually on the mantel informed visitors of at least a nodding acquaintance with the new fad of Aestheticism; while crimson draperies looped up with thick, gold tassels left no doubt that behind it all was a bank account to be reckoned with."

Selected Works

Victorian Splendor, Recreating America’s 19th Century Interiors
“As lavish and rich as its subject.”
--Publishers Weekly
The Victorian Garden
“…an inspiring book that I have trouble putting down!”
--The Garden Writers Association of America
Cherished Objects, Living With and Collecting Victoriana
“One of the finest lavish albums about Victoriana ever to appear. The photographs are dazzling and the wealth of information provided is unique.”
--The New England Review of Books

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